The First Inverter Technology Wine Chiller in Singapore

Inverter Technology

A First in Singapore, the Kadeka Signature Series Inverter wine chiller is silent as the compressor runs at slow speed and it continuously regulate the temperature resulting in consistent temperature. It uses R600a gas in the compressor which is better energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint.


A wider shelf concept allows you to showcase 11 champagne bottles comfortably. Its sturdy metal design allows it to withstand the additional weight and protects wine labels from being scratched.


Due to the addition of telescopic rollers, you will be able to fully extend shelves for easy access to bottles located at the rear. With rubber stopper to cradle each bottle, vibrations are kept at a minimum to enhance long-term storage.

Full glass finish with digital door display

Decked with an easy-to-use touch control system, monitor and adjust the desired temperatures of your chiller based on the selection of wines you have in your collection.

LED display with different lighting

Interior LED lighting alternates between a soft blue or red to display your collection elegantly. Feel at ease to carefully browse through your collection without fear of the lighting damaging your wines.

Integrated Handle

The gently self-closing door prevents wine from falling out.

Fan cooling and charcoal filter

Get fresh air and customized temperature control with Kadeka’s intelligently designed stated-of-the-art compressor. The compressor maximizes on efficiency while remaining powerful enough to provide superior cooling. Its smart system ensures that every bottle remains stored at their optimal temperature, circulate cool air throughout the chiller, eliminating hot spots while providing a faster cool down time. The embedded charcoal filter helps purify the air against odours inside the chiller, allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping your wines in good condition.

Label Tag

(Except KS140TL)

Label all your wine at ease.

Special Shelving

(For KS140TL Only)

The special shelving layout allow wine connoisseur to display their favorite wine.

Versatile Installation

Signature Series can be used as a standalone, built-in, side by side or under the kitchen worktop counter for any of your wine collection. Available in Black and White to complements your home setting and suit to your needs of wine drinking.

Selected model have additional features of a left hinge door or a right hinge door.