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First Inverter Technology Wine Chiller in Singapore.

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Architecturally Built For the

Wine Connoisseur

The Signature Series expresses the optimal of what a wine connoisseur desires. Its rimless full glass design blends in perfectly with any modern home setting.

Inverter Technology

Ensures silent operation and continuously regulate and create consistent temperature.

Silent Operation

Effectively Maintain Constant Temperature

Energy Efficient

Telescopic Shelves & Wider Body Concept

The telescopic rollers allows you to fully extend shelves for easy access to bottles located at the rear.

A wider shelf concept allows you to showcase 11 champagne bottles comfortably. Its sturdy metal design allows it to withstand the additional weight and protects wine labels from being scratched.

Design, Reliability and Technology

Utilizing the highest standards

Full Rimless Glass Finish

with digital door display

Interior LED Display

choose from red and blue

Integrated Handle

contemporary and minimalist

Charcoal Filter

effectively removes odour

Specially Built for any kind of modern home setting.

Kadeka Wine Chillers are fully capable of being part of your interior design and a masterpiece on its own. Choose from the selection for your kitchen counter or living room.

*Left and Right Opening available (TL/TR Models)

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Wine Chiller Range

Black Rimless Glass

White Rimless Glass

The Kadeka Steel Series Wine Chiller.

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