I need to relocate my Kadeka product. Any precaution / measures that I need to take note of?

159 views  November 6, 2020

You follow the steps below:-

Step 1:
Remove all items within your Kadeka product to lighten load/weight.

Step 2:
Securely tape down all loose parts within your Kadeka products. E.g. Shelves

Step 3:
Turn the adjustable legs up to the base to avoid damage

Step 4:
Tape the door shut

Step 5:
Cover/Protect the outer surface of your Kadeka product to prevent damage/impact/scratches during transportation/relocation.

Step 6:
Try to ensure your Kadeka product stays in upright position during transportation/relocation.

Step 7:
Do not power on your Kadeka product immediately. Please ensure the set is in stationary position at designated location for min. 4-6hrs before you power on again.

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