Kadeka’s Signature Series features the inverter compressor that is quieter and energy-saving… and leaves the stored wines undisturbed. The Kadeka Signature, said to be the first wine chiller in Singapore with inverter technology, is being displayed at booth 6F4-06 by Capital Marketing (S) Pte Ltd, the company that established the wine chiller brand Kadeka in

Big Chill

The Kadeka Signature Series deliver the first wine chillers in Singapore powered by inverter technology, for cellaring that is as silent as it is efficient. Oenophiles will go great lengths for their wines, ensuring that each bottle is treated with care from the date of purchase to shipment. Once delivered, the wine must be stored

Sleek Addition

Kadeka Signature Series of wine chillers represents a great leap forward in terms of design, function and performance. The sleek product, available in four sizes, boasts an inverter compressor, integrated handles, a new, minimalistic rimless full glass door with digital display, telescopic shelving, and LED lighting.   The new line also functions with R600A, a
You’re well stocked on Champagne – the next challenge is storing the bottles. Kadeka’s new Signature Series (S$1,688 to S$4,888) wine chillers solves the dilemma with their extended telescopic shelving and wider body that fits 11 champagne bottles per shelf – also giving ample space to avoid scraping the labels. Bonus feature: an inverter compressor