Michael Cheuk, winner of Kadeka’s Father’s Day promotion, together with 7 of his family members bond over wines and comforting local dishes at Chef Shen Tan’s cozy home setting. Kadeka collaborated with Shen Tan, owner of Ownself Make Chef, for an exclusive private dining experience for our winner. They tucked into an authentic home-cooked 5-course

Star Somms

Upclose and personal with four of Singapore’s top sommeliers. Britt Ng Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Although Britt Ng has great passion for food, going into the F&B business was never on the cards, much less become a sommelier. In fact the Malaysian graduated from NUS with a Bachelor’s degreee in Engineering. Today, he is the head

Entertain In Style

The annual guide featuring the country’s top F&B establishments was first published by Wine & Dine magazine in 1996. It has become one of the most well regarded authorities on dining out in Singapore. Kadeka is privileged to be featured in this latest edition, and we are proud to contribute to Singapore’s energetic and passionate
            One of the best ways to store wines in hot and humid Singapore is to keep them in a wine chiller at a specific temperature. But not every dry kitchen is big enough to accommodate one, especially when there are plenty of other appliances such as the dish washer,